Digital Health and Care Conference – Breakout 3: Removing the Mystery to Achieving Advanced Health Data Analytics and Decision Support with Leidos

Ryan Weil, Chief Scientist, Leidos

BLURB: Big Data Analytics in the health space is exploding and the promise of realising improved decision support though automated tools is enticing. Complexity, training requirements and the associated cost can contribute to unexpected barriers to implementation. Leverage a proven product and solution ecosystems to simplify the process and deliver meaningful decision support to solve critical challenges facing health and social care providers across the continuum of care. Learn how to look at the patient’s entire record through multiple lenses simultaneously for connected care. Determine the best and most cost-efficient plans of care that will improve clinical outcomes and encourage healthier choices. 

Ryan started with a citizen scenario that irritated me. He described a lady called “Mrs Smith” who visited her GP who tells her that she needs a knee replacement. The point he was trying to make was about all the different touchpoints that this citizen had during the knee replacement journey, but I found the whole example marred by the paternalistic model that he described which directly contradicts the Chief Medical Officer’s Realistic Medicine principles… why did that lady need a knee replacement? What need did it meet for her – what could she now do that she had wanted to do?

The point that I’m trying to make is that careless language used by technology people unfamiliar with health and care can really mar the message that they are trying to evangelise – this is why I think that technical clinicians are so crucial for bridging that gap.

They used the rest of the time to discuss cases where data could drive change – but there’s not really much to record from that…

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