The Personal Pitch – Prof Les Charm at Babson College

From the first class we had with Les, he asked us to create a one minute pitch response to the question “Why should I invest in you?”.

The salient points that have come out from weeks of this exercise is that we started off as not confident to “sell” ourselves.

Furthermore, it was better to show off experience rather than use buzzwords.

Also, Les wants the audience to come away with a clear “message” that you wanted them to hear.

Rather than craft my response on notepad, never to see the light of day, I wanted to document a rough idea of the points I think I should cover here.

My Pitch Points

  • I am an emergency medicine doctor in Edinburgh
  • I became excited by the potential I saw in cutting edge healthcare technology so I did a full-time 5 month course to gain software engineering skills
  • with those skills, I have developed a clinical decision tool for heart attacks with the cardiologists in Edinburgh
  • I helped organise a healthcare hackathon in Edinburgh where I got 5 busy clinicians to give up a weekend to attend with personal problems to solve
  • the chief medical officer for Scotland attended and invited us to St Andrew’s house to learn about the top projects
  • Ultimately I am looking for business opportunities to create products and solutions that improve the healthcare of people around the world and I am excited to be working with the Digital Health and Care Institute of Glasgow towards that goal.

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