#3 Weekly Review: Babson College, Boston. 25th September – 1st October

1. What do I have to work on the next few days?

  • A lot of reading to do for innovation lecture on Tuesday, marketing on Wednesday, and sales on Thursday.
  • Need to write emails to connect with all the people I met last week
  • Need to work on an Innovate UK grant application due for 10th October

2. What deadlines do I have coming up?

October 10th – Innovate UK Biomedical Catalyst Deadline

3. What went wrong over the past week? What lessons can I learn from that?

I don’t think anything “went wrong” last week. There have been a couple of lectures that I haven’t been engaged with. When that happens, I think I might be better off cutting my losses – leaving and using that time to complete other things I need to do.

I’ve found that we are so busy that time seems to be passing really quickly. I’m not sure really what one can do about that, but I suppose enjoying every moment might help. Just an observation really.

4. What went right over the past week? How can I make sure more of that happens?

  • Good at opportunistic networking and made a number of connections through that
  • Ended up at a dinner with some great people just through networking efforts
    • Network at every opportunity, you never know where it might lead!
  • Cycling a lot so keeping fit
  • A reasonable amount of meditation opportunistically
  • Really enjoyed the MIT management innovation conference and wrote up good quality notes for that
  • Got to sit in on the Boston Harbor Angels meeting which was a fantastic insight into the Angel process
  • Went to two fantastic events – a Microbiome evening and Boston Biotech Brits
    • need to keep an eye on events and keep signing up to good ones

5. How well am I keeping up with all my duties and obligations?

For two weeks now, I’ve meant to have checked on the function of one of the apps I made, but I’m finding it difficult to find an opportunity to do it – I need to prioritise that this week.

6. What is coming up that I need to be prepared for?

All the lectures this week have reading.

I’m attending a Raspberry Pi course starting this Thursday and I’ve ordered the equipment for that.

7. What kind of help do I need?

Help to focus on what needs to be done for my DHI project and also my own startup work.


8. Am I happy with where I’m at? What would I like to change?


9. What are my goals for the next week? Month? 90 days?

Connect with all the people I’ve met over the last few weeks

Learn about Raspberry Pi

Complete the Innovate UK grant

More networking and opportunistic meetings


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