#1 Weekly Review: Babson College, Boston. 11th – 16th September

I’ve been meaning to start writing a weekly review for years.

I first came across the concept in my 3rd year of medical school – or what I like to think of my accelerated productivity phase.

I became obsessed with reading productivity, life hack and self-help books.

I can remember very clearly a feeling of satisfaction at the thought that I was benefiting from the knowledge of humanity, amassed through years of trial and error, whilst sitting in my Bruntsfield Place flat in Edinburgh, drinking green tea on a Japanese style bed; from time to time opening my window and climbing out onto the balcony to ponder upon the busy street below. It was a time of great contentment.

Bruntsfield Road Pic.jpg
The lads of Bruntsfield Place, March 2012…

The books that stick out in mind during that time are “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, “The Plague” by Camus (not exactly self-help, but sticking out nonetheless) and an audiobook called “The Strangest Secret” which I believe my father had recommended to me. I also read huge volumes of poetry from a poetry anthology that I found at the library.

Several of these books recommended a weekly review on a Sunday evening, but for some reason, that practice got lost in the busy-ness of medical school, love, conflict and music that was my life at that time. I have done reviews from time to time – and I find it an extremely useful process that I credit with good choices such as learning software development. However I feel a more regular review would be useful – and several articles I have read have provided a structure for doing so: (1) and (2).

Having just arrived in Boston to complete 2 months of learning at Babson College, I think this is the perfect opportunity to test this process to ensure I get the most out of the experience.

1. What do I have to work on the next few days?

I would like to finish the Babson Accounting modules this weekend, as I think a solid grounding in Accounting will help me excel throughout the whole course.

Before Monday we have a number of case reports to read:

  • Marketing 101 – We Must All Be Marketers Now
  • Financial Reporting Basics
  • Merrill Lynch Guide to Understanding Financial Reports
  • Vera Bradley Scavenger Hunt
  • Vera Bradley 2016 Financial Statements

2. What deadlines do I have coming up?

There is an application deadline for the MassChallenge Digital Health Accelerator on 10th October. I still need to consider whether this application is in our interests.

3. Are there any new projects I have time to start working on?

No. I am saturated with 1) Babson Saltire work 2) Digital Health Institute Project and outreach 3) Boston events and 4) my own startup work.

4. What went wrong over the past week? What lessons can I learn from that?

The only few things that I can think of that went wrong was:

  1. I didn’t meditate at all this week which I think is bad
  2. I nearly got hit by a car whilst on my bike because they turned into my lane. I had right of way across the junction, but I need to remember that that doesn’t mean I don’t need to be careful that another driver might not pull across because they don’t see me.
  3. I need to make sure that I am making the most of being in this incredible city and not just staying in the apartments drinking – whilst that is fun, it is not the best use of this beautiful city.
  4. I still haven’t organised a trip to an American hospital.

5. What went right over the past week? How can I make sure more of that happens?

I felt like for the most part I took control of my own future this week. What do I mean by that? I’ve been listening to my gut feelings / desires, and following them, rather than placing other’s wants and needs above mine.

I wanted to get a bicycle whilst in Boston so that I was in control of my transport, so I immediately bought a bike and have been able to get around on it.

I did the pre-reading for each course and found great benefit from that. Perhaps I can be even more organised with the reading each week by checking our schedule.

6. How well am I keeping up with all my duties and obligations?

I need to continue to meditate, but otherwise I am managing these well. I also need to up the ante on outreach to the Boston medical ecosystem.

7. What is coming up that I need to be prepared for?

I have two events to attend on Tues and Wed.

8. What kind of help do I need?

I have contacted a number of faculty for some help with my startup.

I need to outreach to medical companies in Boston to visit and learn from them.

9. Is everything I’m doing contributing to my advancement towards my goals? What can I do about the stuff that isn’t?


10. Am I happy with where I’m at? What would I like to change?


Increase the intensity of hard work.

11. What are my goals for the next week? Month? 90 days?

Next week:

  • contact the hospitals I want to visit
  • contact 3 companies that I think are interesting to arrange a meeting/visit.
  • complete all pre-reading and reading accumulated from last week
  • write up lectures as blog posts – both from last week and next week.


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